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Caucasian Shepherd

Marina Kuropatkin Irina Nekrasov Caucasian Shepherd

Man has tamed the dog for more than 12 thousand years ago. Some fans argue that while friendship dogs and humans have much longer - about 25 thousand years. Whatever it was, few would argue with that, in spite of the difficulties often associated with the education and maintenance of the dogs, they are my favorites and the most devoted pet person.

The dogs were accompanied by human hunting and helped get food, protected the herds of domestic animals and house people from predators, often rescuing people from various dangers. You can talk endlessly about the help that people have and continue to have a dog. It is no accident say that the dog - man's best friend.

Formation of dogs began in ancient times. Different breeds of dogs are divided into four groups:

● guard;

● hunting;

● room;

● Cattle.

Through instinct, which manifests itself in an effort to fit and protect the flock, Caucasian Shepherd Dog was originally attributed to herding dogs.

Caucasian Shepherd, thanks to an extraordinary character, became a true helper of everyday life. By purchasing this dog, we must first cultivate it properly.

In this book recommendations for maintenance and education of the Caucasian Shepherd to help grow a loyal friend, characterized by good health and cheerful character.
1. Breed history

The dog is the first animal to tame man. It happened in the Stone Age. Ancient dogs guarded the homes of people and used in hunting wild animals.

At present, the origin of the dog is still open, as is still not precisely determined, from a parent and in what part of the globe have taken place animals of this species.

According to some scholars, are ancestors of dogs, wolves and jackals. This view arose because of the similarities between these animals both in appearance and behavior, and internal structure.

Other experts maintain that a dog is descended from several extinct in the Tertiary species.

In antiquity, dogs were given the rulers and the aristocracy as a sign of respect. These animals are loved, they were considered the embodiment of loyalty, devotion and strength. While dogs are the most precious gift.

Dogs considered sacred animals in ancient Egypt, Assyria, Greece. In some areas, such as the Altai, the dog worship and to this day.

Archeologists found a large number of mummies embalmed dogs, which supports the view that in the past, these pets are considered almost family.

The ancestors of all sheep dogs mastiff similar dogs considered to be the East. This is one of the world's oldest rocks, which appeared about three thousand years ago.

As for the breed Caucasian Shepherd, then its origin is little known. However, the name of the breed gives reason to believe that her homeland is the Caucasus.

Some dog experts believe that the ancestors of this breed are the Central Asian dogs, trapped in the Caucasus with the pastoral tribes. The difference of natural conditions and the influence of local dogs have changed the Central Asian Shepherd Dogs, turning them into the Caucasus. Other experts argue that the direct ancestor of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a Tibetan, was described in 1845 by writer Yuatt. However, all these versions are not documented.

Tibetan mastiff - a rather large, fierce, strong dog with a short head, broad face, the folds of skin on the forehead. The ancestors of the Tibetan mastiff is volkoobraznye dogs that were trained in China to search for people.

Shepherd quickly spread to the Caucasus and were used as fighting, pickling, and shepherd-guard. These dogs were valued very highly. It is known that the image of the head of Caucasian Shepherd attended the arms of some of the Georgian princes.

Wolfhounds have long called big dogs greyhound breeds used in hunting wolves.

In fact, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a wolfhound. The main purpose of this breed - the protection of flocks, protecting them from wild animals.

Dogs kept for long passages through the mountains, feel good at low temperatures. Over time, the animals develop such qualities as strength, agility, courage, simplicity, endurance, allowing people to use the Caucasian sheep-dogs at guard duty.

In 1765 the Turkish army in the Caucasian shepherd dogs used as guard dogs. After that, Russia had issued a decree stating the need to involve Caucasian Shepherd guard service to all military fortresses.

In XVIII-XIX centuries. Caucasian Shepherd used for police service. They are specially trained for investigative services. But similar experiments have failed - the official version, the experiments have been postponed "due to the large malice and obstinacy dogs."

Until the end of the XIX century. Caucasian sheepdogs bred in relative isolation, the breed was developed methods of national selection, so keep it clean.
The growth of popularity of the breed abroad

In the early twentieth century. Caucasian Shepherd for the first time took part in an exhibition in Nuremberg Vsegermanskogo. They immediately attracted attention and became a sensation in the canine world. Was presented 36 Caucasian Shepherd, of which rated "excellent" were four dogs, "very good" - 15 "good" - 10.

After this exhibition, the press wrote about the Caucasian sheep-dog, calling them "the death of capital" and "red giant". Because of this soon on the Caucasian Shepherd spoke in many countries around the world. However, despite the widespread interest in the Caucasian sheep-dogs, the breed almost did not develop.
Caucasian shepherd dogs guarding the sheep, a century ago, were not very similar to modern

In 1934 Timamuk Koshelev and published his work "-Shepherd guard dogs in the farms of the North Caucasus region of Armenia and dog breeding." In it, the authors considered the deplorable state of the breed, the lack of sires and calves. According to them, representatives of the breed in its exterior qualities at that time were defective Textiles.

Maybe it was one of the reasons why the dogs began to destroy. Thus, the book Morozova, Kalinin, and Ivanova, "Domestic breeds of dogs of Asian descent," provides information about the ruin of dog farms in Armenia. There is said to reduce the growth of dogs from 70 cm to 55 cm In addition, many dogs of various breeds, including the Caucasian sheep-dogs were destroyed in the Great Patriotic War. However, thanks to the efforts of handlers, in particular, professors Bogolyubsky and Ilyina and Mazover and Weissman breed was saved.

Subsequently, it was decided to organize a special nursery for breeding species, which undoubtedly had an effect on the appearance and qualities of the Caucasian Sheepdog. In these nurseries was carried out painstaking work to restore the breed.

As a result we obtained excellent specimens of dogs with a certain constitutional type and the right physique, capable of performing various tasks. In just 10 years old within the breed there were tremendous changes.

In 1970 Paris hosted the World Dog Show, where the Caucasian sheep-dogs were a great success. Exit this breed was greeted with applause of spectators.

The best representatives of the Caucasian sheep-dogs were given the title "World Champion".

In 1971, the World Dog Show in Budapest, Caucasian Shepherd again won the highest rating.

In 1988 he hosted the First All-Union Exhibition of domestic dog breeds in which the Caucasian sheep-dogs also took part.

In 1990, the Caucasian Shepherd received worldwide recognition. They were registered with the International Canine Association (FCI).

At present, the dog of this breed is very popular not only in Russia and CIS countries, but also abroad. Noticeably increased interest in this breed of European and American dog handlers and breeders of amateurs.
Thanks to the quality of the breed the dog is becoming increasingly popular abroad

Caucasian Shepherd Dog is very popular in many regions of Russia. This breed is of interest for both novice dog lovers and experienced breeders. The main breeding species in the core is now in Ukraine.

In addition, this breed successfully bred in Iran and Turkey. In these countries, Caucasian Shepherd breed as pure and crossbreeding it with the CAO, which is akin to her breed.

Dog handlers Achinsk conducted at a dilution of the Caucasian Shepherd interesting experiments: dogs were crossed with wild wolves. In addition, to develop new varieties of the Caucasian sheep-dogs were crossed with other breeds of dogs. As a result, the breed had been received from Moscow and the Moscow guard diver.

Currently, the Caucasian Shepherd widely both in Russia and abroad. While the debate over the origin of this breed from a particular region has not yet terminated, between animals bred in different countries, there are significant external differences. It is connected not only with a wide habitat distribution, but also with local climatic conditions, geographical isolation of individual regions.